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Masterworks Auto
Throughout the years that Werner Meier has been in business he has been featured in the automotive press. The focus of these articles has varied from his business to the vast collection of collectible automobiles in his possession. The articles below have been turned into Adobe PDF documents. In order to read them you will need to have Adobe Acrobat reader installed, this program can be downloaded free of charge from the link below.

To read an article just click on a magazine cover below and the article will open in a new browser window.
Vette - November 1987
Bloomington Gold Special Collection
Focus on 1963 GM styling Car
Vette - March 2003
The Boss's (Wife's) Car by James Resnick
Insight to a GM executive's custom car for his wife.
Corvette Quarterly - November 2008
Fancy Free by Phil Patton
Write up on a Harley Earl 58 Corvette especially developed for women.
Corvette Cars& Parts - December 1999
Power For The People by Eric Kaminsky
An introduction to the first big block 396 midyears.
Corvette Fever - February 1992
The Sage Of The ZL-1 by Tom Christmann
The story behind the auction of the only documented 69 ZL-1 Corvette.
Corvette Enthusiast - December 2008
The Sound Of Thunder by John Hinckley
A technical article on 64-67 performance exhaust.
Corvette Enthusiast - November 2008
Clearly, There's A Little Walter Mitty In All Of Us by Bob Stevens
Michigan NCRS group runs their Corvettes on the GM test track.
Corvette Enthusiast - April 2009
Supercharged Pioneer by Bob Stevens
A look at a supercharged 1953 Corvette.
Car Collector - August 2003
Corvette Man by David Cox
A Story on Werner Meier.
American Sports Car - January 2009
Motoraram II by John Hinckley
A Celebration Of The 100 Year Anniversary of General Motors.
Corvette Enthusiast - May 2008
Keeper Of The Flame by Ralph Kramer
The restoration of a fuelie 58 Corvette.
Corvette Enthusiast - January 2008
Four-Speed Indeed by John Hinckley
A technical article on rebuilding 64-81 factory shifters.
Corvette Enthusiast - November 2007
The Ins and Outs and Ups and Downs Of A Solid Axle Power Top by John Hinckley
A technical article on C1 power top rebuild.
Corvette Enthusiast - August 2007
Recently Suspended by John Hinckley
A technical article on a solid axle suspension rebuild.
Corvette Enthusiast - July 2007
Building A Box That Rocks by John Hinckley
A technical article on solid axle Corvettes steering box rebuild.
Corvette Enthusiast - September 2006
Doing the Sombrero Dance in your 63-78 Corvette by John Hinckley
A technical article on crossmember bushing replacement.
Car and Driver - July 2006
Back In The Day... by Mark Gillies
A 68 Corvette and a 68 Mustang go head to head in 2006.
Corvette Fever - October 2005
Honorable Discharge by Kevin Shaw
A 65 Corvette restoration article with a great history.
Corvette Fever - May 2005
Blast Into The Past by Cam Benty
Dave Sullivan's Cascade Green 57 Convertible.
Corvette Fever - March 2004
A Master At Work by Jerry Heasley
An article on Masterworks and our involvement with GM styling car restoration.
Corvette Fever - July 2004
Not Your Father's '64 Corvette by Jerry Heasley
Investigating the Mitchell style of a bygone era.
Corvette Fever - March 2004
Show Quality by Jerry Heasley
The 1964 World's Fair Show Corvette.
Cars & Parts: Corvette - April 2003
Prescription for Success by West Peterson
A feature article on Chevrolet's General Manager, Semon E. "Bunkie" Knudson and his 1963 Corvette Showcar.
Corvette Quarterly - Fall 1995
I Drive a Corvette by John Mulhere
An interview with Masterworks President Werner Meier.
Cars & Parts: Corvette - December 2002
Meadow Brook Concours by Bob Stevens
An in-depth look at the premier Michigan concours event when Corvette was the featured marque.
Bloomington Gold USA Program - 1998
Hall of Fame
Feature article on Werner Meier's 1968 L-88 shown in the Hall of Fame Collection.
Corvette Fever - 1993
Super Sting Rays by Tom Christmann
A look into some of the special Sting Ray show cars owned by Werner Meier.
Autoweek - September 28,1987
Parts Are Parts - Or Are They?
A special report on counterfeit restoration auto parts by John Matras.
Vette - 1991
This Is No Fish Story by Jerry Heasley
Bunkie Knudsen's 1963 Corvette Styling Car.
Cars & Parts: Corvette - October 1999
The Last Fuelie - The End Of An Era
Detailed article on Werner Meier's 1965 Fuel Injected 1965 Corvette Convertible.